Values and Principles

Our primary task is to create a place where people can be a part of and belong to a real group of friends. The common bonds that unite us as Odd Fellows are a belief in the value of friendship, the responsibility we share to help one another and our community, and the importance of the principles of truth in daily life. Our organization does not believe in the divisions and classifications of society. It teaches respect and tolerance of differing beliefs and values, but avoids affinity with systems of faith or sect, whether religious or political. It requires no sacrifice of your opinions, but supports the right of the individual to make up their own mind, rather than be told what to believe. Odd Fellowship recognizes all people as part of one universal family and encourages mutual respect between people, ethics in our personal lives and careers, the right and responsibility of each person to think for themselves, and expects honesty of belief and integrity of convictions in each person.


Fairview Hall meeting room at 1443 West 8th Ave.